Partez en vacances sur les autoroutes Sanef et Sapn

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  • Northern network

    A1, A16, A2, A26 North, A29 East

  • Eastern network

    A4, A26 South

  • Western network

    A13, A14, A29 west

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A colossal site that will connect the north to the Ile-de-France network from the end of 2019

Refuges and Emergency Call Stations: accessibility for all on A1 and A26

A13 Pont-Audemer : the progress of the building sites

A13 Enlargement between Pont-l'Évêque and Dozulé

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Sanef & you

  At any time traffic information in real time on the Sanef motorways (A1, A2, A4, A16, A26 and A29-East) and Sapn (A13, A14 and A29-West).